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How to Sell Your House

Is selling my house the answer?

Can I sell my house?

Can I borrow to buy a house?

Choose an Estate Agent

How do I present my home for sale?

What has made you consider moving house?

Maybe it’s moving closer to family or work or a good school.Maybe your family is growing number or in size and if that is the issue is there a way you can extend upwards or outwards to improve your space? This can be cheaper and less upheaval in the long run that moving so taking advice from an architect could be a good thing to do.

Sometimes renting the property you live in and renting somewhere else can be a good choice and give you more flexibility as you won’t be committing to the new place for the long term.
Contact your mortgage provider and see if there are redemption fees on your mortgage which when added to all the costs of moving would make it impossible to afford to move. Many fixed rate mortgages have steep penalties so you need to check.

You may have charges on your deeds for debts which have been secured on your property and if you sell, these would be paid and reduce the amount you have to put towards the purchase of a new property. If someone else has a legal interest in the property you will also need their agreement to sell.
When you have worked out if you can afford to sell, you need to see a mortgage broker.

They will ask you to complete a ‘fact find’ document so having your most recent bank and credit card statements will be useful as you will need to confess all your spending! They will also look at your credit score which needs to be good to be able to borrow any money. The broker will then be able to tell you if any lender will lend you money to move.

If it’s a no, then you will need to stay put and start saving. If it’s a yes, they will be able to tell you how much you can borrow and this enables you to start budgeting for your move.
Estate agents have a bad reputation but not all agents are the same.

Have friends or family had a good experience with a local agent? Ask around and see what people say.

You need someone who will sell your house for the best possible price in the shortest possible time with the least hassle. Invite three agents to value your property.

We humans can’t really decide which is the best out of 7 different brands of muesli and the same goes for services so don’t get seven agents out to value your house.

Ask each one about how they get the best possible price, how they will sell your house fast and how then will make this hassle free for you.

Listen to your gut feelings when you have an agent sitting on your sofa. Do they put you at ease? Would you trust them to be in your house with prospective buyers? Do you think they will be honest with you? You will be entering into a long-ish relationship with this agent so how you feel about them really matters.

Some will value your property at more than you think it could be worth to woo you. Others will do fantastic offers on fees to woo you.Keep a calm head, listen to each one then do the maths and add in your gut feelings again.
If selling is now the way to go forward you are going to need to look at your house with fresh eyes.

If you have already been looking at properties to buy online you can see how other people present their homes for sale. A good agent will give you advice on what needs to be done to make your property appeal to buyers.

You can also invite an honest friend round to give you an idea of what they see could be improved. Perhaps your front door is grimy,perhaps your hallway could be tidier, perhaps everywhere could be less cluttered or some furniture moved around. Small changes can make a big difference so make a start now.
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Is selling my house the answer? Can I sell my house? | Can I borrow to buy a house? | How to Choose an Estate Agent? | How to present my home well to sell
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